The Ultimate Easter Basket For Your Dog

by Cory Brannon March 24, 2016

The Ultimate Easter Basket For Your Dog

Maybe your dogs are your children, or perhaps you have young human kids as well and you just want your pup to share in the fun of a gift basket. Easter is this Sunday, but you’ve still got time to assemble a little basket of treats for your pooch.

First, a pro tip: instead of using fake grass in your dog’s basket, use real wheat cat grass clippings. It’s safe for him to eat (much safer than the fake stuff!) and it smells good.

Next, make sure you avoid putting the following Easter foods in your doggie basket:

  • Anything chocolate (no chocolate bunnies for the pup!)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Hardboiled eggs, especially if your dog has never had them before. Cooked eggs on their own are usually safe, but every animal is different, and it could upset his stomach. Avoid them just to be safe.

Easter Basket Ideas

Now, the fun part… what do you put in that basket lined with cat grass? We recommend a few toys, a couple of treats and a stuffed animal. Here are some ideas:


A PEEPS Bunny Dog Toy, available at PetSmart and other pet store.



A bunny ears dog bow (assuming you have a patient pup). They’re available on Etsy, but you’ll also find them in some pet stores.


A Martha Stewart Pets Easter Chick Egg 4-Piece Dog Toy, available at PetSmart and other pet stores.

Homemade Easter dog treats, like these.

A new leash or something else he needs (because something practical is always a good idea).

A Li’l Back Bracer if he’s been having some back troubles.

A new ball for a fun spring game of “Fetch.”

Happy Easter!

Cory Brannon
Cory Brannon