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    Supports the spine from above & below

  • Embrace L'il Back System

    World's first wearable pain relief device for dogs.


    back brace + heat

  • A lil support goes a long way!

    Help relieve back pain and prevent further injuries for dachshunds and other small breeds.

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  • Recommended by Veterinarians

    Our patented design helps keep your dog's back supported when dealing with IVDD.

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What is IVDD?

Intervertebral Disk Disease, IVDD, is often seen in small breeds of dogs such as Dachshunds, Pekinese, Beagles, Corgi, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and other small breeds that tend to have longer bodies with short legs. IVDD is especially prevalent in Dachshunds; an estimated 1 in 5 dogs will suffer from this disease. IVDD is a very serious condition and results in intense pain and can even lead to paralysis.

All About IVDD

  • Hooman A Pooya

    "I highly recommend the brace for any dog that suffers from IVDD, back pain, and or spinal neurological deficits, or for dogs that are predisposed to such conditions..."

    Hooman A. Pooya Chief of Surgery

    Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury pet resort MDD.
    Owner & CEO of Hooman A. Pooya DVM LLC

  • Hooman A Pooya

    "My dog Rudy is still healing and he loves the Lil Back Bracer. It gives him the extra support he needs right now. Thanks for a great product!"

    Lori M

    Florida Customer

  • Hooman A Pooya

    "The Lil Back Bracer is a wonderful product that did wonders for my Bichon. He was in a lot of pain and would fall with every step. After a few weeks with the brace he is now a little rocket. We now use the brace on once a week for maintenance. He loves to have it on. Thank you for a wonderful product, well worth the reasonable price."

    Joe and Mary H

  • Hooman A Pooya

    "This back bracer has been a blessing for my Dachshund... I can’t thank you enough. She has had her 3rd back episode and I always have emergency medications on hand in the event it happens again. One never knows with these little guys nonetheless, the back bracer does help her a lot. Thank you again!"

    Irene C

    Colorado Customer