Although relatively new to the market, the Lil Back Bracer has been gaining popularity in the Veterinary and Canine Rehabilitation community. As more professionals are learning about the brace and utilizing it with their patients for rest period, post-op, and rehabilitation the feedback has been incredible. For questions or more information about the Lil Back Bracer please fill out contact form.

Lil Back Bracer participates in several symposiums and conferences. Please stop by and visit our booth at the ACVS Surgery Summit and the STAAR Conference if you are in attendance.

Veterinarian Applying Li'l Back Bracer



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Veterinarians Measuring for L'il Back Bracer

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Our braces are used for rehabilitation, recovery, and overall support. The Lil Back Bracer is used both in rehabilitation as an alternative to surgery as well as post surgery in the recovery process. The brace can be used regularly or 'as needed' to protect from recurrence and to maintain pain relief. The brace can be used during crate rest but is never as an alternative to the crate rest period itself. The Lil Back Bracer has had great results when used to help regain and increase mobility.

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