How to Use

Our dog brace is designed for ease of use. Straps for girth and width are adjustable, just like a human back brace. 

How to Use L'il Back Bracer

1. Slip the body portion over the dog's head.
2. Put one front paw through the loop, then the other.
3. Place the dog brace over the rear legs next. 
4. Adjust the velcro on the brace at the chest using the front straps. It should be snug for support. 
5. Adjust velcro at the rear, pulling up or by criss crossing straps.

See how the Lil Back Brace is put on a dog to help with IVDD.

Talk to your vet about managing your dog's back problems. The Lil Back Bracer supports the back to help prevent issues and manage pain. Please consult with your Vet if you have any questions about your dog's condition.

Remember, make the dog brace snug but not too snug - just like a human brace!
To ensure that your l'il one is taking to the brace well, check on a daily basis to make sure there are no sores or stress points. If there are, remove brace and consult your veterinarian.

Which L'il Back Bracer Size Fits your Dog?

What are the Different Sizes of the L'il Back Bracers?

To see which of our three sizes your dog should wear: weigh your dog and measure from the crease of the neck to the base of the tail. Please reference the measurement guide below. The braces can also be adjusted by simply tightening the body, the shoulder and leg straps. Our Back Brace can be used for small breeds of dogs such as Dachshunds, Pekingese, Beagles, Corgi, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and other small breeds.
What Size Fits Your Dog?


Back Length Measures 10.5-12.5 inches

Chest Circumference Measures 12.25-14.75 inches



Back Length Measures 12.5-14.5 inches

Chest Circumference Measures 14.5-17.5 inches



Back Length Measures 15.125-17.125 inches

Chest Circumference Measures 18-21 inches

What Size Fits Your Dog?
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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in making your decision to purchase the L’il Back Bracer for your small dog.

How does the bracer provide support?

The L’il Back Bracer is an orthopedic support garment for dogs suffering from IVDD or other back injuries. The brace is made of a very high quality breathable and antimicrobial neoprene that is very comfortable for your dog. There are stays that line the back and the abdomen to provide the needed support and stabilization of the spine.

How often should my dog wear the brace?

Your dog can wear the brace up to 14 hours a day, some just use the brace for walks or times of high activity and play. Wearing the brace for more than 14 hours a day may cause irritation. The brace is flexible so it still allows the muscles to engage and ‘work’, it is not like a stiff cast. This is important so that the muscles do not become weak from wearing the brace.

*Please note that the brace is not meant to replace the crate rest period that is prescribed by your Veterinarian.

Can my dog “do their business” while wearing the bracer?

Yes, the brace fits in a way that leaves that area of your dog free to take care of business without the brace blocking that part of their body.

Does my dog need to have a separate harness for walks?

The L’il Back Bracer has an attached “D” ring so that when taking walks the brace acts as a harness. Just attach the leash to the ring and enjoy a safe, supported walk.

How do I care for the brace?

To clean the brace just hand wash and lay flat to dry. For removing hair, we have found that a rubber pet hair remover brush works best.

This product is not intended to cure IVDD, but simply a tool for owners and dogs dealing with IVDD. We encourage you to talk with your Veterinarian about your pet’s health.