Your Veterinarian will prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and manage pain. That medication has side effects, so the Veterinarian will also prescribe medication to minimize the side effects, especially to protect your Dachshund’s stomach.

Just like with any human medication, most canine medications help the dog, but there are instances of mild to severe reactions. Educate yourself and talk with your Veterinarian.

We recommend you read up about medications you may hear about on Dodgerslist so that you can best assist your dog with back pain management.

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Before and After Surgery

Dogs Using L'il Back Bracer 

If your Lil one is in pain and you are either preparing for dog back surgery or trying to avoid it, Lil Back Bracer can help.

First and foremost, follow all of your Vet’s instructions. Crate rest, in particular, is extremely important, as the body needs to rest and heal. The Lil Back Bracer is not meant to replace crate rest. Lil Back Bracer can help your dog by minimizing movement, especially jumping, and by reducing pain.

Dachshund back surgery recovery is a long process that must be guided by your Veterinarian. Follow all your Vet’s instructions for recovery!

Lil Back Bracer helps after surgery during the recovery process itself and also as a regular support brace for preventing recurrences and maintaining pain relief.