Miles’ Story

The L'il Back Bracer was conceived and designed for our dog, Miles, when he was one year old. One morning we noticed our usually happy Dachshund, Miles was hunched over, whimpering and shaking. We brought him to the vet immediately, where he was diagnosed with a herniated disc, which is similar to IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease.)

Our veterinarian prescribed medication for the dog back pain and crate rest to minimize movement during healing. Our vet warned us that if Miles’ back injury did not heal, we may be facing surgery. Devastated, we went home, spoke with doxie lover friends, and learned as much as we could about Dachshund back injury and back pain in dogs.

With dog back surgery came high cost as well as potential risks. We knew that there had to be a way to help him both during the crate rest period and after the disc healed. We wanted to create something that could help our Dachshund live a more full and comfortable life after his IVDD diagnosis. That’s when we worked with our veterinarian to design a dog back brace that would help support his back and alleviate dog back pain.

We utilized our first prototype brace on Miles and you could tell he immediately felt better, with a much improved quality of life.

After three years of trial and error and countless fittings with our local dachshund rescue, we finally found a design that fits effectively, is comfortable, and really supports the back both along the spinal column as well as from underneath.

At five years old now, Miles continues to regularly wear the L'il Back Bracer to maintain a healthy back- or as a fabulous model! He has never had a recurrence of the herniated disk or further IVDD troubles.

Now The L'il Back Bracers are being sold worldwide and have helped relieve back pain in dogs for a tremendous amount of our furry friends! We recommend talking about the L'il Back Bracer with your veterinarian if your dog is currently suffering from IVDD. For healthy dog backs, the brace is a great preventative investment to help with a little extra support!