Do dog back braces cause atrophy?

by Victoria Runnoe March 12, 2020

Do dog back braces cause atrophy?

Often times, we get asked if a dog will get muscle atrophy from wearing the L'il Back Bracer.  This remains a debated question that may apply to any type of brace. The short answer is no. 

Our dog back brace is a lightweight garment, providing support for the spine, while allowing activities of daily living, including walking, running and other movements that require muscle activity of the whole body not just the legs.

On the contrary, the basis for being against bracing arises from a concern that prolonged immobilization is associated with muscle weakness because of disuse. 

How does the L’il Back Bracer prevent atrophy while supporting the spine?

When a dog has back pain, he/she tends to restrict movement and reduces any activity to avoid the pain. The L’il Back Bracer supports the spine, by providing proper alignment with rigid stays which compress from above and below. Although the brace is restrictive to the spine itself, it provides the needed spinal alignment and support, particularly in dogs suffering with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). As a result, pain is significantly reduced and the dog exhibits an increased level of activity and movement, which helps to reduce overall atrophy in the muscles.

So, how often should a dog wear the L’il Back Bracer?

This depends on the dog and their stage of injury or chronic condition. Some dogs will wear the L’il Back Bracer all day while some just use it for walks or times of high activity and play. The L’il Back Bracer is flexible, allowing the muscles to engage and ‘work’, unlike a stiff cast. This is important so that the muscles do not become weak from wearing the brace.

If you are not convinced that our dog back brace can help prevent further degeneration and atrophy, then take a gander through our customer reviews.


Victoria Runnoe
Victoria Runnoe