The 7 Best Books for Dog Lovers

by Cory Brannon March 09, 2016

The 7 Best Books for Dog Lovers

When was the last time you got lost in a good book? If you love dogs, you know that nothing tops a good dog story, fiction or nonfiction. We’ve gathered a list of some wonderful books every dog lover should put on their summer reading list this year.

1. Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know, by Alexandra Horowitz

Have you ever wondered what life really feels like for your dog? Inspired by her own pup, Pumpernickel, author Alexandra Horowitz draws on her research in the field of dog cognition to paint a picture of what the canine experience is really like. You’ll learn how they view the world, each other and their human families.

2. Bespotted, by Linda Gray Sexton

This author’s devotion to all the dalmatians in her life shines through in her memoir, which reads a little bit like a nonfiction version of 101 Dalmations. One of our favorite lines: “How is it possible to love, so relentlessly, this single, particular breed, one often described with words like neurotic, nervous, hyper, skitzy, over-excitable, snappish and downright nasty?”

3. Death of a Dog Whisperer, by Laurien Berenson

Beware: this book is intense and suspenseful. But it’s a great read for crime novel addicts, and as long as you keep your dog close by while you read it, you’ll be fine.

4. Weekends With Daisy, by Sharron Kahn Luttrell

While mourning the loss of her family dog, the author discovered a weekend puppy raising program for a service dog organization. She co-parented Daisy, a labrador puppy, with a convicted felon at a medium security prison. Like all great books, this one has quite the twist.

5. Ricochet, by Judy Ridono

This is the story of Ricochet, a service dog turned “SURFice” dog. She surfs with special needs children, people with disabilities, veterans with PTSD and wounded warriors. Ricochet has inspired and helped more people with her surfing than she ever would have been able to as a service dog.

6. Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog, by Stanley Coren

Read this book for the dog care advice, but not the marriage advice. When a husband and wife bring home a terrier named Flint, they soon realize he’s a little unruly. Stanley learns all he can about the breed, explaining facts to his life like “Terriers are bred to bark.” She is not amused.

7. Hounded: The Lowdown on Life From Three Dachshunds, by Matt Ziselman

This is the book every dachshund owner should read! Matt details his life with his three doxies, Baxter, Maya and Molly. His razor sharp wit and sweet tenderness will keep you reading.

We hope you enjoy some good reading this year!

Cory Brannon
Cory Brannon