My Doxie, My Hero: Three Amazing Dachshund Stories

by Cory Brannon November 11, 2015

My Doxie, My Hero: Three Amazing Dachshund Stories

What do you see when you look at a dachshund? A comical shape, a long snout and a proud strut, no doubt—but beneath that long, lanky body often lies a brave and determined heart. In fact, there have been many stories over the years of dachshunds doing amazing things. Perhaps that’s because they were bred to hunt badgers and are therefore very resilient—or maybe it’s because the dachshund is one of the best breeds ever.

For further evidence of the greatness of the dachshund, check out these three tales:

Razor or Lassie?

A hero dachshund saved a St. Bernard in Belen, New Mexico. When Jazzy the St. Bernard ran away from home, he had the misfortune of getting stuck in a cold, muddy irrigation ditch. His brother, Razor the dachshund, went home and got their owner’s attention by barking and running around. Razor was making so much noise that even the neighbor noticed his odd behavior. Razor led them to the ditch where Jazzy was stuck.

“It’s never happened in my career, and in this business, we see a lot of things,” said Belen’s fire chief. Read the whole story here.

Lions and dachshunds

Anyone who owns dachshunds knows they are fearless… but doxie Milo’s best friend is a lion! As of two years ago, Bonedigger the lion shared his home at the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma with Milo and three other dogs. Milo is the closest to Bonedigger and tries to imitate his growls and looks out for him.

Bonedigger is disabled from a metabolic bone disease, and Milo and the other dogs sense this. They are apparently very protective of him and consider him to be one of the pack. The entire inspiring story can be found here.

A true hero

Warning: you may want to get out the tissues for this one.

A dachshund named Bradley saved the lives of two men when they accidentally got a little too close to a bear with two cubs in the forest. Bradley was able to distract the bear by lunging at him, even going back for more when the bear swatted him. The bear eventually carried Bradley off, but he got away. Unfortunately, he was badly hurt. The men took Bradley to an animal hospital, but he didn’t make it.

Read more about the heroic Bradley here.

Sadly, Bradley was not the only doxie to meet that fate. In Serbia earlier this year, a dachshund died after interfering when a large dog was attacking a 10-year-old girl. He is being hailed as a hero and honored with a bronze statue in a local park. The inscription reads, “To all the small heroes with big hearts.”

Though he may not ever have to show it, that little dog you see lying on your couch or on your bed is capable of greatness. We salute all the brave, loyal dachshunds out there.

Cory Brannon
Cory Brannon