Let’s talk about crate rest!

by Cory Brannon July 15, 2013

Let’s talk about crate rest!

Crate rest is considered to be the most important thing that you can do for your lil one after an episode of IVDD. Strict crate rest for 8 weeks is the recommendation for avoiding surgery. For dogs that have gone through surgery, the crate rest period is 6 weeks.

Why is this so important?

When your lil one runs and jumps they can disrupt the healing process and can lead to even more damage to their spinal cord. When their movement is restricted to a crate, the chances of this happening are dramatically reduced.

So… what exactly is strict crate rest and how can you make it work for you and your dog?

Strict crate rest is considered to be 24/7 in the crate with only potty breaks when carried to and from potty area and sometimes allow for a few steps on a leash. Some recommend using wire crates instead of the plastic ones so that your dog has more visibility to what is around them and does not feel completely shut off. There really should only be enough room for your lil one to stand up, sit down, lay down, and stretch their legs. Make sure that the crate is not tall enough for your dog to stand on hind legs and that it is accessible from the top so that you can pick them up and put them back. Your dog needs a flat, horizontal firm surface to provide the support to promote recovery.

What is the proper way to pick up and carry your dog?
One hand should be around the chest to support the upper body, with the other hand under the rump to support the lower body.

What are the ‘no,no’s’?

As hard as it is since you just want to cuddle and comfort your hurting lil one you need to keep them off your lap, off your couch, and out of your bed. It will be hard, but it is absolutely in their best interest to give their back a chance to get healthy again!


Cory Brannon
Cory Brannon