7 Tips for How to Take Good Photos of Your Dog

by Cory Brannon February 18, 2016

7 Tips for How to Take Good Photos of Your Dog

Dogs are part of the family, so it’s only natural to want to show off photos of your “babies.” But trying to get a dog to cooperate for a photo session is actually harder than snapping a good human baby photo at times (an immobile baby, at least). There’s no reasoning with a hyperactive, easily distracted pup who doesn’t know where to look.

But it is possible to get a good photo shoot of your canine companion, we assure you. It might take patience, time and understanding, but you’ll end up with some pictures you’ll love showing off on your social media accounts and your holiday cards. Use these tips to turn your dog into your next top model.

1. Add a background. This tip is so simple, but it really helps. Adding a plain background will keep everyone’s attention on the dog. If you’re taking photos inside, hang up a sheet or a blanket behind him or have him sit by a white wall.

2. Add some toys. Distraction is the name of the game. If he has a toy or two he can chew on or if you have something to hold over his head, you’re more likely to get a good shot.

3. Get down on his level. You’re sure to get plenty of pictures of your pup eating, cuddling up to you on the couch or running through the park. But for the best angle, you’ll want to be staring him in the face. Plus, your dog is much less likely to be distracted if you’re right in front of him rather than hovering from above. If you stay in front of him long enough, he’ll start to get more comfortable and used to you being there… and that’s when you’ll get your perfect shot.

4. Bribe him with a treat. But don’t just wave it in front of his face. Get him ready for his close-up by giving him treats for the commands he knows: sit, stay down, etc. The goal is to make him feel comfortable. Once he knows that you have those treats for him, keep them in your hand and snap the pictures while he’s performing his commanded tasks. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get photos once you’ve bribed your dog into cooperating!

5. Another treat trick: Tape your pup’s treat to the top of your camera to keep his eyes glued to it.

6. Set up your pup to take some fun candids. Toss him a ball or a toy and snap some photos of him playing. Take pictures of him chasing leaves in the yard or stretching out on his bed. You’ll already have your camera set up and ready to catch the action, making it different from a “candid” shot where you grab your phone and get a blurry image with poor lighting.

7. Get your dog to “smile.” Just before picture time, play with your dog or run around the yard with him. Then bring him to the spot where you want to take the photograph. At this point your pup will be panting, which looks like a smile.

Play around with these tips until you figure out what works for you. We hope you get many perfect puppy pictures!

Cory Brannon
Cory Brannon