5 Creative Dog Beds We Love

by Jessica Wick May 05, 2017

5 Creative Dog Beds We Love

If you're like the majority of dog owners, your pooch probably sleeps curled up at the foot of your bed (or next to you). But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve his own place to rest, especially during his many naps or those times when he just wants to lounge. 

We've come across some seriously unique and impressive dog beds lately that we can't help but share. If you're crafty or creative, perhaps they will inspire you to design your own. Just make sure it has your vet's approval, especially if your pup has IVDD or other back issues.

1. The Old School TV Dog Bed

DIY Old School TV Dog Bed

This is exactly what it looks like - an old TV converted into a dog bed. It was designed by DIY geniuses Jonathan and his wife and featured on IHeartDogs.com.  Their two dogs, Sgt. Buckley and Cy, have expressed their approval. 

2. The Recycled Tire Bed

DIY Recycled Tire Dog Bed

How creative is this? Jessi explains how she made this bed on her blog, Practically Functional. The project only took her about two hours, and clearly the family dog enjoys it. 

3. The "Awkward Side Table" Bed

DIY Re-purposed Side Table Dog Bed

Talk about the perfect bed for a little doxie. Lisa from Design Sponge managed to convert an old side table into an adorable space for the family pup to lounge. Get the details here. 

4. This Barrel Of Fun

DIY Barrel Dog Bed

We couldn't find the tutorial for this one, but whoever thought of it is incredibly creative. The dog seems rather pleased with it as well.

5. The Most Realistic Dog Bed Of Them All

DIY Dog Pullout Bed Under Queen-Sized Bed

Our dogs love to sleep next to us. It's part of their charm, really. But if you have a big dog or several pups in your home, you'll constantly be fighting for space in your own bed. This seems like the perfect solution, as long as you remember it's there when you get up for water in the middle of the night. 

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Jessica Wick
Jessica Wick