10 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

by Lil Back Bracer October 16, 2016

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

October is National Pet Wellness Month, a time to bring awareness to the well being of our furry family members. If you own a dog, you’re probably already committed to keeping her as healthy as you possibly can. And while nutritious food and regular vet visits are important, there are plenty of other surprisingly simple things you can do to keep your pup feeling her best.

1. Brush those teeth. This will prevent tooth decay and a host of other problems. Every day is ideal, but even three times a week will make a huge difference.

2. Minimize stress. Anxiety-ridden and stressed out dogs tend not to live as long as their balanced counterparts. Obviously things like moves and strangers happen, but trying to keep your dog as relaxed as possible in his everyday life will really help.

3. Keep your dog up-to-date on vaccines. It’s so easy to let them lapse, but vaccines will boost your dog’s immunity and can prevent life-threatening illness.

4. Keep treat levels in check. It’s normal to want to reward your dog with treats (and to give them at random). But obesity is the number one cause of health problems in dogs, especially small dogs where every pound counts. Keep track of how many treats you give, and keep them reasonable.

5. Train him well. Good recall can save your dog’s life. Just trust us on this. Train your dog to listen.

6. Be diligent with hygiene. Bathing your dog isn’t always fun, but good hygiene can add years to his life.

7. Aim for at least one daily walk. This is good for you both! Dogs need exercise, and even one 20 minute walk a day will help her stay healthy.

8. Try not to give your pup sugar. Sugar isn’t good for your dog, just like it’s not good for us. There are plenty of naturally sweet treats you can make her that use things like healthy banana.

9. Socialize. The more socialized your dog is, the less anxious and stressed she’ll be. Of course, this depends on the pup, and some dogs just don’t do well around others. But at least get her familiar with your extended family… and maybe another pup or two.

10. Show your dog plenty of love. However long your dogs live, love them well. Pet them, snuggle them and tell them you love them. Their time is short, so cherish it.

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