10 Pet Holidays To Put On Your Calendar

by Lil Back Bracer March 05, 2017

10 Pet Holidays To Put On Your Calendar

We’ll be the first to admit that the “bizarre holiday” trend has gotten a bit out of hand. Not that anyone would complain about a National Margarita Day or National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing… except when it comes to our dogs, of course.

We celebrate our dogs every day. And in case you’d like to be aware of them, we’ve learned of important 10 dog holidays to put on your calendar.

1. Love Your Pet Day: February 20

How sweet is this? Of course we love our pets every day. But just like Valentine’s Day, sometimes it’s nice to have a dedicated day to reminding them by doing something extra sweet for them.

2. Walk The Dog Day: February 22

This is a great reminder to make sure your dog get some exercise. Of course, it would be nice if this holiday could be moved to May…

3. National Puppy Day: March 23

Puppies are adorable, precious, and a lot of work. This is a great day to learn about the joys of pet adoption, to donate to a puppy rescue, or to celebrate the puppies in your life.

4. Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: April 30

There are a lot of misconceptions about shelter dogs, but the fact is, some of the best four-legged friends you’ll ever meet come from shelters. This day is all about celebrating giving a sweet dog a second chance at a family and a good life, and it’s also meant to spread awareness about animal shelters and the good things they do.

5. National Purebred Dog Day: May 1

Half of all dogs in the United States are purebreds. This is their day.

6. Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 23

Founded by Pet Sitters International in 1999, this holiday is meant to bring a sense of play to the work force. It also give pet parents a chance to show off their pups, and it promotes pet adoption by shining a spotlight on the joy dogs bring to people’s lives.

7. National Mutt Day: July 31

This day is dedicated to embracing our adorable mixed breed dogs. If you have them, celebrate them… and if you don’t, consider donating to your local animal shelter. This holiday is also celebrate on December 2.

8. National Dog Day: August 26

This is simply the best day ever.

9. Responsible Dog Ownership Day: Third Saturday in September

Responsible Dog Ownership Day is meant to encourage soon-to-be-dog owners (and current dog owners) to make a promise to take care of their loyal companions and anyone who will be affected by them. Owning a dog is infinitely rewarding, but it also involves a lot of responsibility.

10. National Dog Show: Thanksgiving

Dog lovers everywhere enjoy a special Thanksgiving broadcast of the National Dog Show, which is held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Over 2,000 dogs are featured every year.

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