Why Renewed

Why Renewed?

Our Renewed L'il Back Bracer Program allows us to offer like-new braces to our customers for an affordable price while helping the environment.

On occasion a brace may not be the right fit for a customer's pet. Rather than contribute to our landfills, our returns are fully inspected for wear, defects and soiling. Products that pass inspection are cleaned and offered as an earth friendly, lower priced option for your furry best friend.

Like New!

Every Renewed L'il Back Bracer is inspected and cleaned. Since returns with significant wear, soiling, or damage are never considered for our Renewed program, you can trust that you're getting a durable and reliable product that is like new.

Earth Friendly!

When you purchase a Renewed L'il Back Bracer, you're choosing a product that helps both your pet and the environment. We get the pleasure of knowing that a brace which might not have been the perfect fit for its original owner won't be contributing to the 16 million tons of clothing and textiles thrown away in America annually!

Priced Right!

You get a product at a reduced price compared to purchasing a new brace. We offer Renewed L'il Back Bracers to give lightly-used back braces a second chance to help someone's beloved dog.

Please Note:

All Renewed products are non-refundable.
Please measure your dog accurately and verify they meet sizing guidelines before ordering your brace.

Have measuring questions? Contact Us