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Medium L'il Back Bracer Review from Lori

"My dog Rudy is still healing and he loves the Lil Back Bracer. It gives him the extra support he needs right now. Thanks for a great product!"

Lori M.
Florida Customer
Medium L'il Back Bracer Review from Hooman Pooya

"I highly recommend the brace for any dog that suffers from IVDD, back pain and or spinal neurological deficits, or for dogs that are predisposed to such conditions..."

Hooman A. Pooya DVM Chief of Surgery
Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury pet resort MDD. Owner & CEO of Hooman A. Pooya DVM LLC
Medium L'il Back Bracer Review from Michelle 

"I ordered this after being told my dachshund was in phase 1 of IVDD. My husband & I were so nervous and brought him home to start crate rest and his medications. I was researching online and came across the little back bracer. I'm happy to say it has worked wonders and he is back to himself again. I ordered a second one to have on hand as doxies are prone to these kinds of problems!"

Michelle J.