FAQs Dog WheelChair


Will my dog fit through a door? 

With some practice, yes. Initially, your dog may run into the door frame with their wheelchair or catch their wheels on the corner. Monitor your dog while they attempt to go through doorways to prevent them from catching a wheel and tipping over. 

Can my dog use the bathroom when in the wheelchair?

Yes. Your dog will be able to go to the bathroom in their wheelchair with minimal mess. It may take some adjusting to get used to going in the wheelchair but your dog will be able to. 

Can my dog sit or lie down in the wheelchair?

No, our wheelchair is not designed to be a sitting or laying wheelchair. When your dog wants or needs to sit down, you will need to take them out of their wheelchair for a break.

Can my dog use their hind legs?

If your dog still has some mobility in their hind legs, then your dog can put them on the ground while in their wheelchair. However, if your dog is dragging their feet, you should use the foot straps to prevent their feet from getting scratches. 

How long will it take for my dog to become accustomed to their wheelchair?

It depends on your dog. Some dogs may take to their wheelchair within a few days, others may take much longer. We recommend that the first two days should be introducing the wheelchair to your dog. Once they are comfortable around the wheelchair, then you can start having them move around for 5-10 minute periods throughout the day for the next few days.


How long can my dog be in the wheelchair during the day?

Once your dog is fully acclimated to their wheelchair, they can use it for up to an hour at a time during moderate to high activity with at least a 15 minute break between uses so they can sit or lay down. This amount may differ for some dogs as they may want more/less time in their wheelchair based on their individual activity level.

Can I leave my dog unattended in their wheelchair?

No. Your dog may get stuck or tip over, they also require assistance to sit or lay down so you should never leave your dog unattended in their wheelchair. Always stay close to your dog when introducing your dogs wheelchair to new playmates. 

Can my dog play with other dogs while in their wheelchair?

The short answer is yes. However, new dogs may be unsure about your dogs wheelchair and may need time to feel comfortable playing with your dog and their wheelchair.