Empower Device - Use and Care


  • We recommend you consult with your veterinarian to determine the best treatment plan.
  • For optimal results, we recommend completing one two-hour treatment every day for at least two weeks.
  • It is most common to see improvements after two weeks, however some pet owners may see results right away.
  • You may notice improvements in mood, increased levels of activity, changes in behavior, and ease of movement.
  • After seeing improvements with your pet, we recommend using the EMpower device on an as-needed basis.


  • Use an isopropyl-DAMP cloth to wipe the EMpower device.
  • Allow the EMpower device to dry thoroughly before reuse.
  • If signs of wear and tear appear on the EMpower device, discontinue use and contact your contact us at care@lilbackbracer.com.
  • To ensure that the lithium battery does not die prematurely, charge device every 3 months.